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Scientists may have found the physical source of depression




What if the risk of depression was determined by internal factors? According to a new study, it is possible that there are different cerebral connections that cause the condition. It can thus be about the physical source of depression.

A scientific advance may have found the physical source of depression in the brain. The discovery may give rise to theories that change the treatment and perception of this mental illness. It would represent a major step towards understanding the physical cause of depression.

The University of Warwick in Great Britain and the University of Fudan in China have demonstrated that depression affects the part of the brain that is activated when receiving punishment or when not receiving rewards. Because of that, it is believed that depression may be linked to the feeling a person gets when they are not rewarded.

An important study to find the source of depression

Professor Feng, the man behind the study, says: “At least one in ten people suffer from depression in their lifetime. Depression is a disease so common in modern society that we can even find traces of Prozac [an antidepressant] in London’s tap water.”

“Our discovery, combined with a lot of data around the world and our new methods, allows us to locate the source of depression. 

” It may open up new avenues for better therapeutic treatments in the near future, allowing us to treat this horrific disease.”

The results of the study

The researchers made important conclusions after scanning the brains of 909 people in China with high-precision lasers. The technique showed activity in the connections between the different parts of the human brain that influence depression.  The part linked to lack of reward showed stronger connections in the depressed participants.

The source of depression

As I said, the study has demonstrated that the part of the brain associated with a lack of reward is activated when a person receives a severe punishment or when a desired reward is not given.  Therefore, experts believe that depression may be associated with these perceptions.

The discovery may give rise to new ways of treating and looking at depression. At the same time, it is an important step toward understanding the physical source of depression.

Factors that can affect depression

There is not a single thing that causes depression. In fact, some are more likely to be affected than others. There are several different reasons that can explain this predisposition:

Genetic and biochemical factors

  • Heredity: the risk of suffering from clinical depression is high when there is a family history of the disease.
  • Biochemical factors: further, studies have shown that the biochemistry of the brain plays a very important role in depression. People with major depression often have an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain, known as neurotransmitters.
  • It is also true that sleep patterns tend to be different in people with depression.
  • In conclusion, some drugs can cause or relieve depression, while some hormones can affect emotional states.

Environmental factors

  • Furthermore, situations such as the death of a loved one can be the cause. Chronic illness, relationship problems, financial problems, a divorce, etc. can also be reasons.
  • All of the above can lead to episodes of depression, and if they continue for a long time, they can even turn into chronic depression.
  • Seasonal depression is a condition where individuals develop depression during the winter months when the days are shorter. It may be the reduced number of hours of sunlight that affects the balance of certain chemical constituents in the brain and as a result, leads to depression in some.
  • Personality can also play a role. Individuals with negative thoughts, low self-esteem, lack of control over life circumstances, and a tendency to worry excessively may be more prone to depression. It seems that a pattern of negative thoughts is usually established in childhood or adolescence. After a while, it results in a depressed personality.

If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, never hesitate to get help.

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